Seven Liberal Arts

In this presentation series I will cover everything you need to know about the Trivium and Quadrivium which are part of the seven liberal arts.

This is the most relevant knowledge you need to have to distinguish truth from falsehood. You need it to distill knowledge from information by exposing fallacies and removing logical inconsistencies. Without this method you will most likely wander between different opinions of other people without ever gaining real knowledge.

Published content

There is currently no content published.

Future content

I’m planning the following content:

  • Introduction to the Seven Liberal Arts — Trivium & Quadrivium
  • Trivium Method I: Grammar
  • Trivium Method II: Logic
  • Trivium Method III: Rhetoric
  • Quadrivium I: Arithmetic
  • Quadrivium II: Geometry
  • Quadrivium III: Music
  • Quadrivium IV: Astronomy
  • Practical Guide to the Trivium & Quadrivium