Who are you?

I am a freedom-loving and truth-seeking human being and have been seeing the world as it really is for some years now. I had to realize that I am ruled by psychopaths who are constantly trying to take even more control. I also realized that I am surrounded by ignorant, apathetic and lazy individuals who have adapted the satanic mindset of social darwinism. They are not interested in the truth if their worldview is in risk of being destroyed. They don’t treat others as they would like to be treated because they don’t care about the suffering of other people and animals and they take no action because they tell themselves that they cannot change anything as a single individual. Therefore truth, morality and the fight for freedom don’t matter in the lives of these people.

It makes me very angry to see how these people let themselves be controlled by satanists and focus solely on getting their piece of the pie. They trade security for freedom and enslave themselves in the name of democracy and the rule of law. The consequence of this is that the personal freedoms of everyone are increasingly restricted every day.

I am clearly against the state and thus against democracy, because I am for freedom. Democracy means the rule of many over few and that is immoral. I am also against monarchy and all the other forms of government. I stand for anarchy, which means that all human beings have the same rights and therefore there is no ruling class that can dictate over others.

Furthermore I am vegan because I have empathy for animals. I am convinced that as long as humans rule over animals, people will never be free.

Why this website?

I no longer want to watch humanity destroy the world without taking any action and have decided to create this website to spread the truth because it is covered by so many lies.

The truth needs a louder voice!

I hope that you learn new things from the information published on NoRulersNoSlaves.com. I’ll try to share with you the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years. However, it is your responsibility to check the information and then integrate it into your life.

What are you for?

I am for self-determination, the non-aggression principle, a free market, the right to bear arms, veganism, empathy, voluntaryism, natural law, principles, psychedelics and free energy.

What are you against?

I am against government, satanism, religions, churches, mind control, democracy, tyranny, violence, cognitive dissonance, police, the right, the left, socialism, fascism, communism, racism, psychopaths, control freaks, carnism, censorship, social darwinism, solipsism, vaccines, 5G, the central banks, authority, geoengineering, abortion, mainstream media, war on drugs, gun control and taxation.

What are you interested in?

I am interested in occultism, freemasonry, alchemy, hermetics, technology, philosophy, anonymity, fitness, the seven liberal arts and spirituality.